Episodes 1-2 (Texas)

1) Dallas Texas Place for Restaurants
2) Y.O. Ranch the Heart of Texas

Episodes 3-5 (Tuscany)

3) Florence the Heart of Tuscany part1
4) Florence the Heart of Tuscany part2
5) The Hills of Chianti
6) Bolgheri and Tuscany West Coast

Episode 1) “Dallas the Texas Place for Restaurants”

Amy invites Francesca in Texas in order to show her some good eateries, a typical Texan ranch and even a winery which makes red wines with Sangiovese Grapes like in Tuscany. They meet at "Ayahuasca Cantina" a true Mexican Restaurant bar inside "Xamán Cafe" in Dallas, the same evening that Francesca arrives from Italy. The following day Amy takes Francesca to a completely different reality because this time it is the famous Japanese chef  Teiichi Sakurai, born and raised in Tokyo. Being him a great admirer of Italy he tells them why. Francesca suggests Amy and her mother Josephine, who is dining with them, to travel to Tuscany the month next and they accept it. Another unique place they dine is "Rise" an original French restaurant which is specialized in making many of its dishes on a soufflé base.

Episode 2) “Y.O Ranch the heart of Texas"

The "Duchman Winery" south of Austin is a winery where they go just before the Y.O ranch headquarters. Going west to the Y.O. ranch headquarter the most beautiful in the region and there they stay a full weekend. During their permanence they go on an authentic African safari. Indeed in the 12,000 acres of land there is space even for some exotic animals such as zebras, camels, antelopes and many others. Also the Y.O. Ranch is home of several different shooting range where they shoot with authentic old west guns to paper targets. Amy let Francesca taste a Texan BBQ dinner. They listen to a guitar singer who plays his music meanwhile they swim in a desert waterhole that is a unique kind of pool. They stay in the typical and comfortable stone and wood cabins which provide a touch of the past. Going back to Dallas complete their Y.O. experience trying the Y.O steakhouse which is connected with the ranch and it has very good different dishes.

3) "Florence the Heart of Tuscany - part 1"

One month later Amy and her mother Josephine arrive in Florence, the main city of Tuscany. They stay in Piazza della Signoria in the heart of the oldest part of this wonderful renaissance town. Starting with an aperitif at the "Giardino 25" made by the rising bartender Martina Bonci. Then they go to Palazzo Portinari Salviati and meet the starred chef Vincenzo Mollica who invite them to dine at his Michelin restaurant "ATTO", former "Chic Nonna". The General Manager of this amazing ancient building offers, to Amy and her mom, an overnight in the suite "Beatrice", Beatrice Portinari lived and grown up in this palace. In the evening they have a tasting dinner at "Gucci Osteria" by Massimo Bottura, with the chefs Karime Lopéz and Kondo Takahitsu.

4) "Florence the Heart of Tuscany - part 2"

Amy and Francesca start their day at "Salotto Portinari Bistrot" just before they check inn at the Luxory Inn Boutique Hotel "In Piazza della Signoria" where Amy and Francesca have a pasta making cooking lesson, by this boutique hotel owner Alessandro Pini and his son Umberto. Then Amy and her mother Josephine go around iconic places of Florence ancient center. After a quick merenda at "La Cantinetta di Verrazzano" they go back to Alessandro to listen a curious story about a very ancient shoe that his family found into the very old walls of their building. Amy and Francesca conclude the day at "Locale" a restaurant led by chef Daniele Caponnetto, with a bar listed among the 50 top of the world. Luca Picchi the legendary mixologist will prepare his famous Negroni cocktail.

5) "The Hills of Chianti"

In the morning they visit the "Castello di Verrazzano", once the home a the notorious navigator. They'll have a wine tour with wine tasting in its ancient cellars. Amy, Francesca and Josephine after they left, have lunch at "Officina della Bistecca" in the village of Panzano in Chianti. Here they try one of the best "Bistecca alla Fiorentina" of the region and meet the legendary butcher "Dario Cecchini".  In the late Afternoon they reach Montecarlo of Lucca to have a unique experience about the true Garfagnana dinner. Here they meet Gino (Fuso) Carmignani the famous winemaker who produces intriguing wines and hosted celebrities from all over the world. The day next they stop at the "Opera" SPA Center in the "Fonte alla Lepre Resort" for a Tuscan SPA experience and a Tuscan lunch.

6) "Bolgheri and Tuscany West Coast"

The last leg of this travel will be in the worldwide known Bolgheri area, on the west coast of Tuscany.  They travel through the notorious Bolgheri cypress road to "Tenuta di Biserno" winery for a tasting and a harvesting experience the vineyards together with Niccoló Marzichi Lenzi an Antinori's family member. At sunset they arrive at "La Baia del Rogiolo" a restaurant faced to the Tyrrhenian sea between two castles. It is in Quercianella Sonnino a quaint village. Beatrice Farneti the owner welcome them on the terrace and she invited also the famous cocktails mixologist from Florence, Luca Picchi, who will make his signature drinks.  Next day in the sea town of Livorno, birthplace of the painter Modigliani, they discover the "Garden G" a gourmet restaurant with its spectacular vertical garden. They have lunch there and its chef Mattia will delight them with their last tasting experience before fly back to America.