About Me

Hi, I am Amy an American actress and producer from California. I Appeared in several national TV commercials. Featured in 6 film while auditioning for TV dramas, Los Angeles. I had a major Role in the film, "The Inflicted" (Official Selection, Cannes Film Market, 2013) , aka "Bundy Reborn" in which I portrayed Kristen. "Shattered Reflections" was my following movie (2015). In 2022-23 I acted in "Templars" Tv series in episode 4 as "Gudrid the Fair", the main character of the story plot. This film has been officially selected in Italy by "Roma Short Film Festival", then It was a Winner at "Tokyo International Short Film Festival" and at "Japan International Film Festival" . At "Boston Independent Film Awards" won as pilot episode as "Best Tv Series", at London "Top Film Awards", at "Venice Under the Stars" International Film Awards". Also it has been officially selected by "New York Tri-State International Film Festival" and it received a further award at "New York Independent Cinema Awards 2023".

What makes Amy different?

How did your passion to be an actress come about?

<<When I was little, I always loved movies. Going to the movie theater, it was pure magic. I always would play make believe and pretend I was in the movie after coming home. It was a safe place to be able to express myself. I also loved the idea of having an audience. I would act out skits for my family. I remember when I would get a laugh, it would boost my confidence and push me to give everyone a good show.  Being able to entertain people,  explore a variety of emotions, and live in the moment and also in fantasy world simultaneously, it was intriguing.>>

When did you start working in the world of cinema,Tv, commercials, theatre and how were your experiences?

<< I took acting classes from childhood and up. I lived in LA for two years while attending college. The acting world can be brutal. You can go on 100 auditions and not get a call back for one. Walking into a room where 10 other girls look just like you and are sizing you up. I’ve always felt it’s important for women to stand by each other. That’s hard to do when you are in a cut throat industry. When I came back to Texas I was with an agency that sent me on auditions for some big projects. These auditions were in Baton Rouge. We would always car pool and the ladies at that time were much more fun. We would encourage each other, be there when we had a bad audition. That was much more my vibe. Authenticity can be hard to find. I truly value that and always try to be the best version of myself. >>

What do you like more to be in Movies, Documentaries, Commercials, Theatre?

<<I’m always open to anything that comes my way. The universe is never wrong and I truly believe if something is meant for you, it will find you. And it’s easy. That doesn’t mean I sit back and wait. I have goals and aspirations. It’s just about timing, faith, and resilience at the end of the day.>>

How would you define yourself?

<< I would say I am a very hard working, thoughtful person. I am also a loan officer and have spent the last 10 years at the top. Over the years I would have colleagues always ask me how I find the success I have. It’s very easy. In anything in life, if you have an opportunity to make someone’s life better, got for it. Lead with love, and it will give it back to you. >>

Are you currently on air in Tv?

<<I recently was cast in a documentary series called "Templars". It can be watched on Amazon Prime (www.templars-tv.com). I played Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir. It has won numerous awards. It was a fun project to be involved in and I’m very proud of it.>>

Is there anything new going on?

<<I have also been filmed in a new series for Amazon Prime Video entitled "A&F" Amy & Francesca a Gourmet and Wine Story! This reality show is directed by my friend Luca Centoni who is also the film director of "Templars"series. Excited to see what happens when Texas and Italy mix! This new production is filmed in both Texas and Tuscany and it is on air in Amazon Prime Video>>

About Me

Hi, I am Francesca an Italian who lives in Italy.  Wineaholic, smile pusher and room service addicted. Dreamer, journalist, author, wine tutor, WSET. I tell the feminine sense of food and wine at the tip of a stiletto.  I am a member of the National Association of Women of Wine, which at the end of 2010 became a member of the Confraternity of Vine and Wine of Trento (the oldest in Italy) and since the end of 2011 of the Sovereign and Most Noble Order of Amarone and Recioto (dating back to 1300, which gave me the title of Knight). In February 2017 I became an Academician of Italian cuisine.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014 I was part of the jury of Best Sommelier in Italy.

What makes Francesca different?

An Italian journalist specializing in food and wine, Francesca Negri writes about food and wine, paying particular attention to the story of the feminine sense.

In addition to being the historic author of the Corriere del Trentino and the founder of the "Geisha Gourmet" blog, Francesca Negri has written several books and has recently embarked on a television journey, first with "Wine passport" and now with a new format by the American Tv production company Web Icon Inc. for Amazon Prime Video USA and UK distribution.

How did your passion for wine come about?

«I'm in my thirties and, between the seventies and eighties, when I was little, the children had grown up on water and wine. I grew up like this, my water was dirtied with wine, I remember it well. In kindergarten they took us to press the grapes in the vats... so let's say that in Trentino you have grapes and wine in your daily life. I have also developed a passion for it.

I have had people in my life who have fomented in me this passion for wine but also for cooking since I was young. When I was in my 20s and starting to go out trying out restaurants, weekends were always spent out at various restaurants. It was the mid-nineties, there wasn't yet the boom in restaurants that we have now, and I was already dealing with this. Then, when I paired wine with food, I thought “I would really like to meet the producer of this wine”».

When did you start working in the world of food and wine and what do you mainly do now?

«First of all, I consider myself very lucky, because what has always been my passion has become my job. When I started nobody wanted to write about cooking, I already had the passion and I started writing about it. In my varied path I have also written many cookbooks for chefs. Then, frequenting both the world of chefs and that of winemakers - the way I am - I found much more poetry, romanticism and entrepreneurship in the world of wine and therefore I decided to devote myself more to that and less to cooking. I find more charm in those who make wine.

Since November, I have launched my new online newspaper, called "Fancy Magazine": it is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to food and wine enthusiasts. Since 2008 I also have a blog, which has built my character and my style, which is "Geisha Gourmet"».

Why is your blog called “Geisha Gourmet”?

«The name was born on an April night in 2008: I wanted to get in touch with my readers more and I decided to open a blog to create a dialog with them. Thinking about what my role could be in this world, I thought of the figure of the geisha, not as everyone mistakenly thinks - that is, that she is a prostitute - but a figure dedicated to the development of the arts. And I was dedicated to developing the art of food and wine, clearly not as a producer but as a storyteller. I liked the connotation a lot, in a feminine sense, because in this sector, when I started, there weren't many women and above all I've always thought that we women have a different way of communicating.

Even in my first novel, "Sex and the wine", I openly declared the freedom of women to enjoy food and wine without guilt. So “Geisha Gourmet” has also always been a manifesto of women's emancipation in terms of food and wine».

Do you define yourself as an influencer or not?

«I'm a journalist, I don't "do" a journalist, and this alone should make you understand... I tell you that usually when they organize events just for influencers, I don't go. I may sound snobbish, but I have a dream for our profession: to respect the journalistic profession, which is very difficult today. For this reason I get angry if an influencer dominates me and they don't say I'm a journalist.

We must not forget that journalists were the first influencers, even if today they may have had their job stolen and influencers have become others. I have 118,000 followers on Instagram and they are people who have started following me over the years thanks to my work».

Are you currently writing a new book? Is there anything new going on?

«There are at least a couple of ideas in the drawer, but at the moment I don't have the time. Many readers ask me for the continuation of "Sex and the wine", it will surely come, but I can't say when. However, I can tell you that in 2018 I launched a web series called "Wine passport": five episodes for the web in English. Thanks to Web Icon Inc. they were distributed on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK and were also awarded at Vinitaly.

This summer I will be together with the American actress Amy Erin Johnson, in six episodes of 25 minutes each one, for a brand new Tv series again for Amazon Prime Video USA and UK. It will be a road trip in which Amy will introduce me to the American things and I will introduce her to the Italian things, especially wines, which we will find in the course of our stages. It is titled " A & F " Amy & Francesca a Gourmet and Wine Story.

It is a very important project for Italian wine, above all for the extent of views it can have with Amazon Prime Video. This has obviously postponed my editorial projects but we know the scope of television well: if we want to talk about the benefits of disclosure, television has no equal. So I gladly sacrifice writing, my great love, for a new reality TV show in the United States of America".